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Page Layout
1. Header: very top of page - cannot be adjusted

2. Main Navigation: Displays on all pages

3. Buttons (or Touts):  Links take you directly to other pages or websites

4. Window 1: Center window where components are stacked

5. Window 2: Rightmost window where components are stacked
Content Page Structure
eSchoolView has a "parent/child" or "main/sub" page structure. The Section Homepage is the main "parent" page for all interior pages. This structure will go 5 levels deep ONLY. You can create any number of "child/sub" pages off the "parent/main" teacher page that bears your name.

When you create a "child' page, a plus symbol will appear next to the "parent" page. Click this to reveal the child pages
One Window Page vs. Two Window Page
Window (Pixel) Widths:
One window configuration
 Window #1 = 765 pixels

Two window configuration
Window #1 = 515 pixels 
 Window #2 = 225 pixels
Editing and Previewing
When a page is created, you can choose to have one or two windows per page. Editing the page is done in the CMS in one tab, and viewing the front should be done in another window or tab of your browser. Hit F5 to refresh the page everytime an edit is saved
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