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The Roxbury Central School District takes school safety very seriously as it is a priority over all else.  During the 2017-2018 school year the district underwent a series of security upgrades to the physical and technological infrastructure highlighted by our new electronically controlled main entrance.
      The Roxbury Central School District has a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (EMP) that is filed with the New York State Education Department, as well as with the New York State Police, Delaware County Sheriff's Department and the Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department.  This EMP fully describes how the Roxbury Central School District manages internal and external threats and relies heavily on its interface with local law enforcement, EMS and its internal Crisis Management Team. 
      The district's Crisis Management Team members are a fine cross section of school employees that voluntarily assist the administration in insuring school safety.  It is thier task to manage drills and real events if they occur.  Many of these members are active members in local EMt units and are NIMS (National Incident Management System) certified (see list below). 
Crisis Team Members
Tom O’Brien, Superintendent (EMT, NIMS)
Jill Ten Eyck, Principal
Jo Hinkley, Dean of Students
Laurie Andrews, Teacher (EMT)
Katherine Leahy, School Psychologist
Heather Slauson, School Secretary
Alan Davis, Director of Buildings and Grounds
Karen Hinkley, School Nurse (EMT) 
Deb Lalosh, Teachers' Aide
Maureen Burton, School Counselor
Greg Muehl, Teacher
Loren Shultis, Transportation Director
Mary Hinkley, CSE Chairperson
AJ Vamosy, Custodian (Fire Chief, NIMS)
Marianne Schor, Superintendent's Secretary
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map     53729 State Highway 30 | Roxbury, NY 12474
P: 607.326.4151
F: 607.326.4154
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