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Roxbury Collaborative Model

Statement of Purpose

The Roxbury Collaboration Model serves as an overarching guidance document which directs all district plans, educational goals and initiatives, professional development, and reflective processes throughout the academic year. District stakeholders within the Model Team/Committee serve to represent Administration, Board of Education, Faculty & Staff, Community Members, Parents, and Students. All committee members are involved in the creation, implementation and evaluation of the plan. An analysis of district data is utilized to identify gaps, root causes and rationale to drive district decisions for student growth and achievement.

District Mission/Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide a safe and caring environment in which our students can develop academically, creatively, and socially. Each member of the school community will demonstrate personal integrity, a commitment to learning, and an appreciation for cultural diversity.

District Belief Statement
  1. We will create a tolerant and respectful environment where learners maximize their potential.
  2. We will continually assess our needs to provide an accurate direction for the school and the students.
  3. All students will become life-long learners who are prepared to contribute as citizens and meet the challenges and needs of our democratic society.
  4. All students who are eligible will pass the Regents exams required by NYSED with an ongoing goal of increasing the level of mastery.
  5. All students will respect and practice the civic values of justice, honesty, self-discipline, due process, equality and majority rule.
  6. All students will receive experience in the visual and performing arts.
  7. All students need to master effective and responsible communication skills.
  8. All students will receive practical experience to help them understand the connections and relationships between classroom learning and life outside of the school.
  9. All students will participate in various technological experiences.
  10. All students will understand healthy living skills and the value of physical and mental fitness.
2017 - 2018 District Goals

Goal 1

Dialetical Behavior Skills

Through a collaborative effort the district will develop key skils to respond to difficult situations and strengthen dialectical behavior skills across the organization.

Goal 2

District and Community Communication & Outreach

To improve internal & external communication in an effort to create effective partnerships with families, faculty & staff, community organizations, and other stakeholders that support the mission of the school and district.

Goal 3 
Curriculum Mapping 
To ensure vertical and horizontal alignment of course materials with the NYS common core standards.  To imporve student outcomes through instructional alignment.
Goal 4 
Work Based Learning & Career Development Occupational Studies
To support the K - 12 Career Development and Occupational Studies Learning Standards, with an emphasis on standard 3A: The Universal Foundation Skills (Basic Skills, Thinking Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Technology, Systems, Managing Information, Managing Rersources, & Personal Qualities) 
RCM Plan
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