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Superintendent's Message
Thomas O'Brien - Superintendent of Schools
Thomas O'Brien - Superintendent of Schools
607-326-4151 , ext. 15
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March Superintendent's Message

"A rumor can run around the world before the truth has even gotten its sneakers on." - Unknown
      Recently, I had a wonderful conversation with a parent that was informative and insightful.  Through that conversation, I came to realize that I needed to reaffirm the district's commitment to security and to generally describe the mechanisms that we have in place.  The Roxbury Central School District has a comprehensive "Emergency Management Plan" that was developed in conjunction with the New York State Police, the ONC BOCES Office of Safety Risk Management and our in-district school crisis team.  This plan is reviewed and practiced regularly and is in the hands of every law enforcement agency that patrols our district, the Delaware County Office of Emergency Management and our local fire department.  The School District Crisis Team meets regularly and reviews incidents small and large and through those meetings and reviews, recommendations are made to improve on our past performance.
      With this being my 16th year in the district and 28th year in public education, it continues to amaze me how rumors spread and how conclusions can be made without seeking the truth.  And now social media is making it worse.  Over the years, I have devoted a great deal of my own free time to emergency management through my involvement with various emergency service agencies as a professional or volunteer.  As your superintendent please know that if I have any knowledge that provides even the tiniest evidence that our school is in danger it would be locked down, closed or delayed immediately.  It is vital that if you hear or see something you say something as it is our collective duty to take all comments seriously.  I applaud those that are willing to come forward.  Any time I receive information that is the least bit suspicious the first phone call I make is to the New York State Police or other members of our law enforcement community.  I appreciate our police agencies and rely on  their professionalism and expertise in these matters and they are welcome here at any time.  The way you can be helpful during these types of situations is for you to wait for information as the many phone calls inquiring about an event creates a greater burden on our ability to manage these matters and impedes us from effectively investigating them.  You will be informed as soon as possible. We take these matters very seriously and care deeply for the safety of our children and employees.  As the superintendent I personally and emotionally ache for the tragedies that are befalling so many of our nation's schools and understand the nervousness that it is bringing to our mountaintop community.
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