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RCS Humane Society Project
On January 22nd, the Library 7 iHelp Class received a surprise visit from the Heart of the Catskills  Humane Society Director of Operations, Deb Crute and two of her rescue  dogs.  She was also joined by Humane Society volunteer, Ann Lukin.  The  students presented the visitors with a basket full of 65 homemade pet  toys for the Humane Society dogs created at the “Make a Difference”  maker space station in the school library.  The station, mai ntained by the class, features a different community service challenge each month, and is open for participation by all students. Deb Crute said the dogs would love the toys, noting that they were especially useful at keeping the canines entertained on those days that are too cold for the animals to play outdoors. Following the presentation, the four-legged visitors tried out the new toys while the students discussed volunteer possibilities at the shelter and responsible pet ownership.
Basket of Dog Toys with Students Students and Teacher with Humane Society and DogsHumane Society workers, students and dogs