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5-12 Grade Grading Rubric

5-12 Grade Grading Rubric

Dear Families:

Thank you so much for all you are doing for our children both academically and emotionally during this time. We are already in the 4th quarter this school year and have made some adjustments to the grading system for students in Grades 5-12. This should ease some of the weight on everyone during this unprecedented time.

The grading sheet, which is enclosed, will clarify for you what the expectations are in order for your student to pass Marking Period 4. As you review this rubric please note at the top, there will be 4 items that students will be scored on:  Academic Standards, Number of Assignments Completed, Involvement & Participation along with the Timeline Assignments are Returned. At the end of the marking period, each teacher for each class will come up with a total score for that particular class; that score will then be converted to an actual number grade as indicated on this grading sheet. So, for example if a student receives a 4 in Academic Standards, a 5 in Number of Assignments Completed, a 5 for Involvement & Participation, and a 4 for Timeline Assignments Returned, the student’s score would be 18. According to the sheet, in the lower right-hand section, that 18 converts into a 94. That number grade (94) will be reflected on the report card.

The following learning factors will be considered when scoring students:

=         The student has no, or limited access to the internet or other resources to aid their education.

=         The student did not have a sufficient support system at home that replicates face to face instruction.

=         The student had to care for siblings while parents were at work and increased responsibilities at home.

=         The student’s family is experiencing higher levels of stress related to the crisis such as income loss, food shortages, emotional stress, or other significant loss resulting in lack of focus on education and learning.

=         The student has a disability and may not have had accommodations met and may not have received scaffolded instruction and support.

=         The student is experiencing increased anxiety and emotional distress during the building closure.

Please be sure to review this rubric with your student so they are familiar with the changes being made for the 4th marking period. If you or they should have any questions, please feel free to contact me either by e-mail or leave a message on my voicemail.


Jill Ten Eyck, Principal




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