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We think that reading is one of the most important skills our students will be learning here at Roxbury Central School.  Reading is the foundation for all learning.  As children are learning to read, practice is critical to their success.  The more time children spend actually reading, the more skilled they become.  Like any skill, practice, practice, practice is the key to success. 
What is AIS?

What is Reading AIS?

   Academic Intervention Services
  •  Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are services designed to assist students who are at risk of not achieving the State Learning Standards in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and/or Science, or who are at risk of not gaining the knowledge and skills needed to meet or exceed designated performance levels on NYS learning standards. 
  • Additional instructional services that supplement the instruction provided in the general curriculum (regular classroom instruction) and assist students in meeting the State Learning Standards.  Additional instruction means the provision of extra time for focused instruction and/or improved student-teacher ratios, both designed to increase student-teacher contact time, and to help students achieve the learning standards in the identified subject areas. 
  • Student support services that address barriers to improved academic performance.  These may include guidance, counseling, and services to improve attendance and/or study skills, which are needed to support increased academic performance. 

What is Leveled Literacy Intervention?

Leveled Literacy Intervention program (LLI) is designed to provide intervention for students who find  reading and writing difficult.  LLI is a small group intervention which addresses 5 components of literacy instruction including phonics/phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and writing.  
  •  Word Study:  Hands on activities that develop letter/sound knowledge, common spelling patterns, high-frequency words, and knowledge of how words work.
  • Vocabulary:  Texts with rich language expose children to grade level vocabulary and help students develop strategies for connecting words and using word parts to aid in comprehension. 
  • Fluency: Rereading familiar texts and easy texts provide opportunities to develop fluency skills.  Fluency includes automatic word recognition, phrasing, reading pace, attention to punctuation, and expression.  Reading should sound like talking.
  • Comprehension:  Engaging students in talking about text to develop higher level thinking skills such as inferring, comparing/contrasting, analysis, summarizing, cause/effect, sequencing, and problem/solution.  Self-monitoring and self-correcting are critical skills that impact understanding of text. 
  • Writing:  Engaging students in writing about reading to deepen comprehension and expand writing skills. 

Home/School Connection

When children have more opportunities to engage in reading and writing activities at home, they gain valuable reading and writing practice and it enhances their self-esteem.  Most students will bring home books to be reread and an activity that may focus on word study or writing skills.  It is critical that the students practice reading and complete activities daily.  

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