Thursday, April 7, 2022 3:00 - 9:00 PM RCS Cafetorium


Tuesday, April 5, 2022 7:00 PM RCS Library

What is the Capital Reserve Building Project?

The Capital Reserve Building Project is a proposed project addressing four items identified in our Building Condition Survey as needing to be repaired or replaced.  They are: parking lots, purchase and installation of a generator, replacing underground fuel tanks, and the removal of the last of the asbestos in the building.  Back in 2019, taxpayers voted in the Annual Election to establish a Capital Reserve Fund.  The establishment of this fund enables the District to put excess funds into it every year, like a savings account, to eventually be used for a building project.  After 3 years, the Capital Reserve Fund has $950,000 in it.  This proposed building project can ONLY use the funds available in the reserve, and will not impact taxes in any way as it is money the District already has.

 What is a Building Condition Survey?

A Building Condition Survey is required by New York State Facilities Planning to be done every 5 years.  The purpose of the survey is to ensure students and staff members have a safe, comfortable working environment, and that the taxpayers' public buildings remain in good shape.  Our survey was done by William Taylor, Architect, and was completed in 2020.  Items that are noted as needing repair or replacing come under one of four areas:  Obsolescence, Americans with Disabilities Act, Energy Conservation and Fire/Life Safety.

 Details of the 2022 Proposed Capital Reserve Project and Vote

On April 7th, the Roxbury Central School District will be holding a special vote to ask the public to approve using the $950,000 dollars currently in the Capital Reserve fund for  the Capital Building Project.  Since the reserve was created by the public, voters have to approve letting the district use those funds.  FUNDS IN THE CAPITAL RESERVE CAN ONLY BE USED FOR CAPITAL PROJECTS.  They can not be used for instruction, personnel, or any other purpose.  The items that are going to be addressed in this project are:

1. Site work—parking lot, parking lot across the street and bus garage

2. Generator–purchase and installation

3. Replace underground fuel tanks with above ground tanks                                                                                                     

4.   Remaining asbestos abatement in the unused portion of the basement


There will be a public hearing on the Building Project on April 5th at 7:00 in the school library.  The Capital Project Vote will be held on April 7, 2022 from 3:00—9:00 in the cafetorium.  A copy of the Capital Project Legal Notice and the PowerPoint presentation is available on the district website,  Please contact Jeffrey Bennett, Superintendent, at (607)326-4151 ext. 2015 or email at  



Capital Reserve Project PowerPoint Presentation

Capital Reserve Project Flyer

Capital Project Vote Legal Notice