Below are the guidelines, from our handbook, for dances (which include prom).

School Dance Rules:

Dances at Roxbury are for the benefit of students and pre-approved quests only. 1. No student below the 7th grade is permitted to attend. 2. No-one can leave the building and expect to return to the dance. 3. Students under the influence of alcohol and drugs are not allowed to attend. Police and parents will be notified if any problems exist. 4. No guest over the age of 20 years will be admitted without prior administrative approval. 5. Prom is a formal occasion. Tasteful, appropriate dress must be worn to Prom. Shoes must also be worn. 6. Students attending prom, and in good academic standing, may sign out of school after 5th period with parent and administrative permission. 7. Dance tickets are to be used by the purchaser only. Tickets may not be resold. 8. The names of purchasers are recorded. All others will be refused admittance at the door. 9. Photo identification may be required to be admitted at the door. 10.A filled out emergency form may be required of all non-Roxbury students attending the dance. 11.All other school rules will apply.